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 ‘Guozhi (International Intellectual) Share’—Shenzhen International E-commerce Share Co., Ltd; Sichuan International Intellectual Technology Share Co.,Ltd; Hong Kong International Intellectual Copyright Trade Co., Ltd.


Guozhi Share provides services in the trade, protection and investment of international intellectual property. It displays and sells international IP to global organisations, companies and professional individuals. We aim to provide the best information-based services and e-commerce in the transaction of international IP.


On 17th November 2009, International Intellectual Property Rights Co., Ltd was established in Hong Kong with 600 million Hong Kong dollars as the initial registration fund. Shenzhen International E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a private limited share company established on 27th April 2013 with five million RMB as the initial registration fund. Sichuan Guozhi International Technology Co., Ltd was established on 1st December 2016 with 100 million RMB as the initial registration fund.


www.wipo-ec.com is the shared online platform for these three companies.


Our services for international clients include: trademark transactions, brand names transactions, integrated circuit (IC) software trades, copyright trades, animals and plants species trades, business secrets trade, property rights trade, stock shares trade, forest ownership trades, intangible cultural heritage trades, etc. The protection of international IP; E-commerce; online auctions; database services.


We sincerely welcome you to do investment and financing on international IP via our website.