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Zhenjiang Vinegar


Zhenjiang is located at the junction of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal. Zhenjiang has abundant water sources with high quality. The fertile lands produce numerous products. The warm and humid climate environment is very suitable for the growth of microorganisms. All the above provide unique resources conditions for the brewing of Zhenjiang vinegar.

Zhenjiang vinegar is mainly made of high-quality glutinous rice of Zhenjiang city as well as its vicinity and Acetic acid bacteria. It is brewed after more than 40 steps of processing that lasted more than 70 days. The raw material glutinous rice contains a certain amount of crude protein, which in the fermentation process, will decompose into amino acids, giving a unique flavor and aroma of Zhenjiang vinegar. It is known for the quality: sour but not bitter, mellow and sweet, dark in color, and refreshing to taste, and the flavor enhanced with age.


Since the implementation of the protection of geographical indication products, the brand value of Zhenjiang vinegar has been greatly increased, and it boasts the highest export volume of Chinese vinegar products, enjoying a good reputation at home and abroad. The local enterprises export more than 2800 tons of Zhenjiang vinegar to the international market every year. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA) 


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