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"Tenth Fair - International Intellectual Property Transactions global professional service providers wipo-ec invited to attend."
(Note: 2014.05.16 am - Tenth Fair Hall 3 of the Canadian International Animation Film Creative Industry Forum Guests - President of the International Intellectual Property Trading Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) of the Board Wang Chengjun)
“International Intellectual Share”—Shenzhen International Intellectual Property E-commerce Trade Limited by Share Ltd, is a corporation specializes on the services for trading, protection, investment and financing in terms of international intellectual property. The corporation provides services such as the presentation and auction of intellectual trades for international institutions, companies and professional individual customers. The International Intellectual Corporation aims to get the first place in the area of intellectual trading services. Its services mainly focus on information and e-commerce. This joint-stock corporation was registered on Nov.17th, 2009 in HK. The registered capital is 600 million shares HK dollars.
Shenzhen International Intellectual Property E-commerce Trade Limited by Share Ltd, a private joint-stock Co., Ltd., was set up on Apr.27th, 2013, with its registered capital of 5 million RMB (terminal capital will be 12 billion RMB). is the joint e-commerce platform for the Shenzhen International Intellectual E-commerce Limited by Share Ltd., and International Intellectual Property Trade Limited by Share Ltd. Its services include: trademark rights trading, brand right trading, copyright trading, trading software, integrated circuit patent trading, animal and plant variety rights trading, business secret right transactions, transactions of property rights, equity transaction, the forest right transaction, non-material cultural heritage in international intellectual property trade transactions; international protection of intellectual property rights; international intellectual property financing; e-commerce; online auction; database services.







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