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China, Hong Kong - International Intellectual Property Transactions AG, sincerely welcome you and our cooperation: joint development and operation of international intellectual property rights worldwide innovative high-return projects!

State shares in the project known -------

[International Intellectual Property Transactions Global Service Centre ]

[ Intellectual property ] international electronic trading platform

[International Intellectual Property Fund · Bank ]

State -known business model shares --------

International intellectual property information exchange , trading platform

Establish and improve the international intellectual property market

Reducing market transaction costs of international intellectual property

To promote the commercialization of intellectual property · globalization ·

   The establishment of the International Intellectual Property Bank , innovative financing model, expand financing channels, to promote the use of intellectual property , so that the results of direct knowledge rapidly into social productivity !

Establish an effective financing mechanisms , in addition to the use of options, shares and other collateral and directed into ways to make venture capital into the lab , research institutes and various technical centers. Introduction of venture capital , intellectual property and other asset securitization financing , financing, accelerate industrial transformation of intellectual property. · · Debt through equity stake cooperation to promote global intellectual capital markets. Intellectual Property Asset securitization is a financial capital and intellectual capital effective combination , is relying on financial technology , intellectual property as credit guarantees to support securitization financing. It has a low cost of financing small difficult to implement , does not affect the ownership of intellectual property and financing risks and other advantages .

Partner : China and abroad - agencies, consortia , companies, individuals ;

Cooperation : Equity & Debt & Currency

        A, inside and outside China - Ben foreign currency monetary stake large sums of money or cash country know the original equity shares of the Company ;    B, inside and outside China - Commercial Real Estate Assets Nett stake in the country to know the original equity shares of the Company (as assessed no legal dispute debts land , commercial real estate and other fixed assets ) ;

Co- share is limited, sequential strength priority !

               - Knowledge sharing common economic development of mankind!

Shenzhen, China International Intellectual Property E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Trading Co., Ltd., International Intellectual Property

Official website: "wipo-ec country HowNet" E-mail: